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newparadox's Journal


okay, so i'm 19
i grew up in a small town,
and now go to a Liberal Arts college in Washington state.

i love music, and movies
honestly i have had some form of an eating disorder
since age 14.
This is what my journal is mostly about.
i needed a place to vent
when i felt alone in my disorder.
it's hell

if anyone ever wants to talk about anything,
i'm available most of the time,
and love to share my experiences
and help others with similar experiences
because being alone in this is a bitch.

Also, i'm enamored with the spanish language.
I took 4 years of high school spanish,
and am hoping to get into another course
this coming quarter.
so if anyone wants a mediocre spanish buddy,
hit me up for sure.

AIM - stfuforrealsies
facebook - http://www.facebook.com/aileenerwiener